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Franchise market

What does the UK franchise market look like? Here’s what experts say.

We conducted some research during the International Franchise Show about what experts, franchisors and franchisees have noticed about the market, and what advice they have for aspiring franchisees.

The International Franchise Show was filled with budding entrepreneurs, constructive conversations, and multiple handshakes with Directors, CEOs, and Franchisors. But above the sounds of laughter and fruitful dialogue, we listened to what the market really had to say, and there are exciting insights you should know about.

People want a change

John Kent, Managing Director at The Broker Plan Academy, explains that although there was a reduction in activity at the end of last year, the franchise market is buoyant, and people are coming out to talk to more businesses. His positive outlook stems from an increase in enquiries compared to six months ago, stating that it is a good time for the franchisor market.

John’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Understand what market you’re getting into, and how you will make it a success
  • Buying into a franchise doesn’t always mean guaranteed success – you’ve got to drive it yourself.
  • Be prepared to work hard and do your research before you get into anything

Pursuing dreams and hopes

Mark Goetz, President and CEO of the HomeCare Advocacy Network explains that the franchise market has become aggressive and open – especially in the last 3 to 6 months. He’s noticed pent up demand over the last 18 months, and people are ready to take advantage of their dreams and hopes that they had in 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

As people’s needs and desires for home-based scenarios increase, a strong demand in the home care and health sector have followed suite. He explains that there are exciting opportunities arising in this sector.

Mark’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Look to essential industries
  • Look to your own personal experiences and the things you are most passionate about
  • Don’t invest in anything that your whole heart can’t be involved with
  • Believe in yourself and your future

Customer experience is at the forefront

Thomas Rocca, Chief Experience Officer, and Executive Vice President of Summa Franchise Consulting, emphasizes the importance of being customer focused. Franchisees are trying to ensure that customers get the best experience and service possible. As businesses become more focused on how to give the customer the best level of experience, people are starting to ask how they can go about doing this.

Thomas’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Make the experience for the customer the best you can as soon as they enter the door
  • Take your employees seriously and treat them well
  • Include membership programs and different strategies to drive rewards and retain customers

Demand is through the roof, but recruitment is challenging

John Preston, Master Franchisee and Managing Director for Mathnasium UK offers some important but practical insights of two sides of the franchise market. On the consumer side, he states that demand is through the roof, but on the recruitment side, he cautions that the environment is challenging due to inflation pressures and an increase in vacancies.

John’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Do your research and don’t jump to random opportunities
  • You will be involved with this for years, so choose something that feels right for you
  • Take your support network very seriously

Franchise Market 2022

Quality of life is a driving force

Andy Cheetham, CEO and Founder of Lime Licensing Group explains that the biggest trend he’s seen is that franchise investors have changed their mindset. Quality of life is valued far more now, and there is a resistance to go back to the ‘old ways’ of working. Andy explains that this trend demonstrates that there is less of a concern regarding salaries and job titles (although this is important), and a growing push to value a work life balance.

Andy’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Always use your skillset to determine the business you’ll go into. For example, if you are particularly introverted, avoid choosing a sales-oriented job
  • Always consider the financial point of view. You want to be safe, and you don’t want to lose money
  • If you’ve got these two elements right, you’re about 90% of the way there

The future is in sight, but decision-making is slow

Pam Gordon, Franchise Development and Recruitment Consultant at The Franchising Centre explains that normality is returning, and people can see the future. This has resulted in an increase in leads, but Pam noticed that decision-making is a lot slower. Although people are interested, uncertainty is still in the back of their minds.

She also explains that food, house repair and house maintenance franchises are buzzing, and the care sector is popular as there is a desire to give back to the community.

Pam’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Can you see yourself getting up on a cold, dark February morning to go to work? No matter the market or the trends, you need to find something that drives you
  • Filter your search based on your interests and investment level. If you’re comfortable with borrowing money, find an option that suits you
  • Make the decision. Be committed and passionate

Dark days, but clear skies on the horizon

Michael Bohan, Managing Director at Franchise Resales offers some honest insights on the market, stating that Brexit, the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine have affected people deeply. Those that are investing with pensions or personal funds are tightening their purse strings as the economy hasn’t quite bounced back. But the end of this year looks promising.

Michael’s top tips for franchisees:

  • Due diligence is crucial. Not just for the brand, but the people who run it and how it operates
  • Don’t let the franchisor choose the franchisees you speak to. Speak to people that you want to talk to, so you can understand what the network is really like
  • Make sure you get your business plan and funding in place. Speak to HSBC, Nat West, and Lloyds Bank for support

Join the franchise community

These pragmatic insights from experts prove that the franchise market is bouncing back from months of hardship. And while investors and franchisors remain attentive to the market’s fluctuating demands, this year is going to be a promising time for the franchise community. continues to connect those in the franchise network, offering exciting franchise opportunities that meet the unique needs of customers and clients.

If you’d like to speak to our team for more clarification on the market, or you’d like guidance on your franchise journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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