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Reference: 13667

ID: MV1546

Top Rated Lead Generating Portfolio Of Sites For The Mortgage Loan Industry

United States, Canada

This business serves a 50 State US market base, marketing a full suite of mortgage loan products to perspective clients.

Reference: 13667

ID: MV1546

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Missouri, USA

Business Description

Covering all 50 states allows an interested lead generation company to quickly start distributing leads to lead buyers, banks, loan officers, or parties interested in any market with any licensing.

The portfolio of sites generates over 90% organic lead traffic based on referral sources, current rankings, and 10% from ad spend with Google.

While the company has experienced YoY growth under is current model with recurring revenues for managing and leasing the sites to a bank, it offers a huge opportunity as a lead generation lead sales model. Selling existing leads would generate over $3M per year. For a large bank that could manage the volume of leads to close hundreds of loans per month, it would generate tens of millions per year. This is a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the well-established foundation and huge success to-date to expand this business to its full potential!

Financial Summary

This business is valued and appraised on the market value of the leads being generated. Selling the existing monthly leads that come in at $100-$150 per lead would generate $250,000+ per month. The current financials reflect the agency generating recurring income for the management and leasing of the sites to an individual bank at heavily discounted rates due to the long-standing relationship with the owner of the bank. A new owner will not have this recurring revenue. This is a lead generation lead sales model which can realize income at minimum 5x what the current P&L’s show.

2022 Forecast
  • Gross Revenue $489,303 USD
  • Cash Flow $455,928 USD
  • TTM Gross Revenue $438,753 USD
  • TTM Cash Flow $338,054 USD

Investment Rationale

Building on its well-established foundation, there is massive growth potential for this portfolio of sites. Some strategies for future growth include:
  • Sell existing leads to generate $250k/mo.
  • Contact the existing database (90k+) and reactivate interest and increase sales
  • Turned into a massive content and blog content provider adding Google AdSense, as well as other revenue generating affiliate link revenue

Transaction Information

This offering is ideal for a strategic buyer in the financial lead gen space. Seller is flexible and will offer financing.

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