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Reference: CBE1605-0720

ID: MV0102

Strategic Commercial And Residential Land In Lebanon


An exclusive Offmarket opportunity in Lebanon to be snapped up! This opportunity can be attractive to oil and gas companies or any companies which their work is related to oil and gas sector.

Reference: CBE1605-0720

ID: MV0102

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On the coastal highway of Matn District.

Business Description

An exclusive Offmarket opportunity in Lebanon to be snapped up!

One of the very rare lands lefts directly on the coastal highway of Matn District; Strategic land, few kilometers from Beirut, Prime location; Sea view, 3 Plots for 9800 m2 area.

As you may already know, Lebanon has discovered a large oil & gas offshore field just facing the Metn highway. The land is located next to the highway and is really close to the sea. It can be used to build offices and/or as a services platform for the oil & gas reserve field.

International companies are currently looking for lands and/or offices for their headquarters in the Metn area next to this offshore field to anticipate and be ready once the oil & gas extraction starts.

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