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ID: MV0299

Historic Residence Palace Property In Fiesole, Florence, Italy.


Is located in the middle of the famous Tuscan hills, contains a rare residence built in the 16th century on a medieval fortress, geologically & climatically ideal for producing exclusive wines.

ID: MV0299

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Fiesole (Florence), Italy.

Business Description

This amazing historic residence palace property incorporates lakes, measures over 100 hectares, being just a few minutes by car from Florence. The extraordinary architectural complex, in addition to incorporating several farmhouses, ancient stables, dressage court, swimming pool, tennis courts.

The historic residence overlooks an English park, boasts period frescoes, wooden ceilings, decorated coffered floors, mosaic floors, a fireplace with bas-reliefs, a private chapel and period furnishings.

This property currently has residential use and there would be no problem in changing it to tertiary. This asset is finished only to make a small Capex.

It is a very exclusive property that can be converted into a hostel.

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Price: 7.5 Mn Euros

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