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Reference: Portugal_2022_002

ID: MV0487

Company In The Construction Area In Oeiras


Excellent company in the area of washing, painting, repairing roofs and covering buildings, civil construction, with 16 years of activity and with a civil construction permit.

Reference: Portugal_2022_002

ID: MV0487

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Lisbon area - OEIRAS

Business Description

  • Best SME Portugal 2019,2020 and 2021 top 5% scoring performance and financial strength
  • With a solid customer base throughout the Lisbon metropolitan area and surroundings.
  • Company with 20 employees 
  • The company has more than 1 million euros in budgets given pending the closing.

Financial Summary

  • Currents Assets €90,885
  • Bank Deposits €167,477
  • Total equity - Mitsubishi branded pickup truck and warehouse - €306,267.90
  • Employees costs €47,991

Investment Rationale

  • Very good company with great expansion in Portugal since the buildings are all in need of maintenance and Town Councils themselves now have the mandatory law to paint the outside of the buildings every 5 years.
  • Expansion Potential also in other countries.
  • Real Property Included

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