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Reference: B90-B93

ID: MV0034

Chain Of 4-Star Hotels In Italy


Hotel village in Sardinia with 450 rooms, 4 * hotel in Rome 80 rooms on Lake Albano, 4 * hotel in Rome, Appia area 58 rooms, 4 * Hotel in Rome Tivoli 4 * with 35 rooms and 68 ha of land.

Reference: B90-B93

ID: MV0034

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Industry Overview

All the hotels belong to a single hotel group, all have a restaurant, meeting rooms and an outdoor park, the Hotel in Tivoli also has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with a view of Tivoli ancient city; The hotel on Aug Albano has an outdoor swimming pool and 68 ha of parkland with a beautiful panoramic view; the hotel in via Appia has an excellent parking area for tourist buses; The Hotel in Sardinia is located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, the Gulf of Oresei is part of one of the most intact naturalistic oases in Europe, the hotel is made up of 3 villages and has a private beach.

Business Description

Excellent purchase opportunity for those who intend to have a reference point for hospitality in Italy

Financial Summary

The sale of the hotel chain is facilitated for the purchase of the entire package and not of the single hotel

Investment Rationale

Only the property in Sardinia today produces over € 2,500,000 of revenue for the sole management of the structure, this alone has a 3% return on the request of 95 million of the entire package.

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