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ID: MV1881

Capital Investment Opportunity - National E-Bike Franchise Company, Canada

Canada, United States

National E-Bike Franchise Company seeks accredited angel investor for 1 to 2 Million for equity and/or loan depending on interest rate.

ID: MV1881

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Industry Overview

Global Business: e-Bike rentals are expanding worldwide.

Impressive Growth: Revenue soared to $2.1 billion in 2021, with projections hitting $11.3 billion by 2031. This represents a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.5% from 2022 to 2031.


North America: A Key Player: In the spotlight of this global expansion, North America stands tall as a pivotal market. With revenues soaring from USD 2.6 Billion in 2021 to a projected USD 6.5 Billion by 2029, it's clear that e-Bikes are reshaping the landscape of urban mobility across the continent.

Business Description

Franchise Expansion:
  • 2 corporate franchises operational.
  • The three {3} franchisees have been successfully awarded.
  • The two more are currently under contract.
  • $750,000 franchise sales "2024"
  • 2.1 Million e-bike sales
  • 1.0 Million assets and inventory
  • A strategic operational agreement teaming up with the world lead in franchise sales and marketing
  • Anticipation of 6-10 operating franchises in British Columbia by the end of 2024.
  • Launch in the USA slated for Spring 2024.
  • A projection of over 130 franchises to be awarded by the end of 2027 across the US and Canada.
  • 90% upto financing option for AOC approved new franchise owners
  • Featured franchise Vancouver international franchise show
  • Global Aspirations: Potential market expansion into Australia & New Zealand within the next 48-60 months.
  • Long-term Production Stability: Secured with 25-year production agreements.
  • Diverse Product Range: Offering includes 8 electric bike models and 3 scooter types.
  • Trademark Security: Brands are trademarked in both the USA and Canada, ensuring exclusive rights and brand protection.
  • Infrastructure and Operations:
  • A 7500 SF distribution center stands ready to support logistics and supply chain needs.
  • A full-service facility operational in British Columbia ensures top-notch service and maintenance.

Financial Summary

Capital Investment Opportunity: We are at a pivotal juncture seeking a $1 to $2 million investment to fuel our controlled growth plans and solidify our footprint in the burgeoning e-Bike rental market. This investment is not just a stake in our company, but a partnership in a future that is green, sustainable, and immensely profitable.

Investment Rationale

First 3 franchise already awarded and 2 More under contract for Spring 2025 over 1 million in assets and inventory

Next 4 franchise already built and ready to deploy to the next approved franchisee

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