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Reference: 20210013

ID: MV0351

40 Year Old Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business


An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing company that manufactures the raw materials for several leading companies of the pharma industry, who use these products to make medicines.

Reference: 20210013

ID: MV0351

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Industry Overview

Market: 65% India / 35% Rest of the World / Europe


Vadodara, Tripura, India.

Business Description

The company was founded in the district Punjab India, 1982 with a purpose of manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

They supply products to companies such as Pfizer, Abbott, Cipla, Glenmark, Macleods, Aristo, etc. The company is offerings range from Antibiotics, vitamins, anti-coagulants to ophthalmic products. Business is also audited by several organizations such as ISO, ZED and also GMP by regulatory bodies in India and overseas.

Business is working on a patented technology for a recombinant protein which works on a novel targeted therapy and also assures no side effects. Currently, operations focus on high-end novel molecules.

Company is presently conducting experimental studies on stem cell rejuvenation therapies which also promise a future of medication without any side effects.

The company is engaged in undertaking significant biotechnology research activities in the area of targeted human therapeutic proteins. Its current research work focuses on creating a novel drug, which while curing asthma and allergy patients can also work on mastocytosis and basophilic leukemia.

The team is composed by 100 enlightened individuals, Chemists, Pharmacists, Biotechnologists, Quality controllers, R & D experts, Warehousing personnel.

Financial Summary

Financial: $25M Revenue / $3M EBITDA 

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