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Brian Tracy's Success Series - Master Business Opportunity

Rare opportunity to own the exclusive master licensing rights to market and distribute the Brian Tracy professional development programs in your region!


Exclusive Master Rights Available

Rare opportunity to own the exclusive master licensing rights to market and distribute the Brian Tracy professional development programs in your region!

Top reasons to partner with Brian Tracy Solutions

  • Brian Tracy is a legendary authority on the psychology of achievement
  • You are a forward-thinker who wants to build and scale a business
  • Own the exclusive rights in your country and dominate the market
  • Flexible hours, comprehensive resources, full training and support

Brian Tracy Solutions Overview

Own exclusive distribution rights in your region!

Become a Master Trainer and Regional Developer with BRIAN TRACY’S SUCCESS SERIES

Who is Brian Tracy?

A world-renowned expert on motivation and achievement, a life-changing educator and popular keynote speaker, Brian Tracy is a top-selling author of 85 books on personal and professional success. He has written over 300 audio and video learning programs and his unique seminar programs are among the best ever produced. Brian’s experience and vast knowledge are the cornerstone of the popular Brian Tracy Solutions training programs.

“There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you accept in your own mind.” -Brian Tracy

Is a brand important?

Absolutely! A strong brand overcomes our basic human need for validation. A popular, internationally-recognised brand like Brian Tracy helps with establishing trust and rapport with a prospective client. The power behind Brian Tracy Solutions is Brian Tracy which is the single biggest name in the field of business and sales growth worldwide. The trusted brand name provides clients with a sense of familiarity as well as positive brand characteristics and attitudes.


Legendary success expert Brian Tracy has synthesized vast amounts of information into the truly original SUCCESS SERIES. Here is the ‘very best of’ Brian’s acclaimed learnings in 4 dynamic programs covering the topics of peak performance, time management, leadership and sales strategy. Based on time-tested and proven methods, these 1-day programs deliver results!

What is the history behind the SUCCESS SERIES?

In 1981, Brian Tracy began offering hard-hitting training programs that received standing ovations. Each program has been thoroughly researched, tested and evaluated by thousands of people. The content is regularly updated based on feedback and changing needs. Business owners, managers and their teams can effectively leverage Brian’s building tools, systems and methodology for maximum benefit. The programs are motivational, empowering and lead to immediate results.

The Success Series captures our most-requested, best-selling professional development topics all in one place!


  • Studies show that up to 86% of businesses are underachieving
  • Up to 74% of people are unhappy at work and actively disengaged
  • Managers are tasked to do much more with fewer resources
  • Organisations are striving to compete and to keep their people sharp
  • Acquiring new customers can be 25 times more expensive than keeping customers

The SUCCESS SERIES fast-tracks results with 4 accelerated programs which are proven to increase productivity, motivation and job satisfaction.

We are helping businesses navigate the flexible work model

Our professional development courses cover all the competitive necessities for today's post-pandemic workforce with a focus on attitude, morale, accountability, teamwork and time management—all essential for hybrid workers.

We are specialists in sales and leadership skills, team building, communication, culture, and collaboration. We have the experience to ensure companies have the right tools for prioritising, setting expectations and achieving targets with their teams.

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” – Brian Tracy

Ongoing learning is essential

Companies need corporate trainers to expand the skills of their employees, to cultivate team engagement and to develop future leaders.

Studies show that continuous learning is the only real source of sustainable competitive advantage for individuals and companies.

With today’s ever-changing market, organizations need to adapt and innovate. To achieve this, they must keep upgrading the knowledge and skills of their employees.

Get in the driver’s seat

If you have a strong business background, a commitment to ongoing education, want to grow a team, have a passion for leading others and are motivated by achievement, this could be right for you!

We live in the best time to be in business as the opportunities are endless. This means opportunities in all markets, all fields and competitive industries. Your existing industry experience is the foundation upon which you can build a successful training business with the Brian Tracy brand and ongoing support.

Are you:

  • A self-motivated executive with a desire to grow and scale a business?
  • An experienced professional that wants to control their work hours and income?
  • Proactive with a growth mindset and committed to continuous learning?
  • A leader dedicated to excellence with a passion for helping others reach their goals?
  • An excellent communicator with business development and sales experience?
  • Forward thinking and wanting to help businesses navigate in these turbulent times?

What is your opportunity?

  • Exciting rare opportunity to own master distribution rights
  • Grow and scale your own professional training business
  • Own exclusive licence for Brian Tracy’s SUCCESS SERIES
  • Become a Master Trainer and leader in your community
  • Develop a team of certified trainers and control your region
  • Comprehensive resources, full training and ongoing support
  • e-learning platform plus hiring and performance appraisal tools
  • 40 SUCCESS SERIES workbooks included (retail value over $20,000)
  • Engage in rewarding work and secure your future
  • Flexible work hours with no franchise fees

Your investment: US $149,500

Leverage your skills to become a respected expert trainer and master distributer with the dynamic SUCCESS SERIES!

Ready to get started?

Enquire now!

Why choose to partner with Brian Tracy Solutions?

  • Our corporate training and professional development programs are world-renowned
  • Developed by legendary business expert Brian Tracy, these proven programs work!
  • Over 5 million clients say that our methods get immediate and lasting results
  • Grow and scale your own exclusive business with a suite of high-level programs

Over 5 million people have completed our programs…

Perform At Your Best was an excellent team-building day for our department. We set our individual and group goals and have already exceeded them.” Sal, Marketing

“After Personal Success , I realised that I had been leaving too much to chance. Now that I have written goals, I have a focus. I truly have accomplished more in the last several months than I have in the previous couple years!” James, Account Manager

“Most people talk about being super-busy but don’t actually get results. This ‘failure to execute’ is one of the biggest problems in organizations. If you are a manager, this probably sounds familiar to you. After attending the workshop Managing Your Time , our team morale has greatly improved, and we doubled our sales in 3 months!” Ali, Sales Manager

“The Fast Track to Success program exceeded my expectations. I used what I learned to restructure and realign my company which was a necessity coming out of the pandemic. I am now working with a business coach to build value going forward.” Mark, Business Owner

“Learning to communicate more effectively, especially with conflict resolution has made a big difference for me. I look forward to engaging with my team and we are meeting our deadlines. Strategic Leadership is a game-changer!” Rick, Project Manager

“I learned how to nurture leads, overcome objections and create a relationship with my customers. After completing Superior Selling Skills , I had a remarkable improvement in sales in just one month!” Chris, Tech Sales

Managing Your Time was exactly what we needed. Our team gets more done now that we set priorities. Seems like we have more time in the day!” Lou, Real Estate

“It was eye-opening to learn about the psychology of selling and what motivates people to buy. I understand more about how to sell on non-price issues and create the right impression for my customers. I would definitely recommend Sales Success .” Alex, Manufacturing

“The Personal Success program taught me to identify key success measures and set goals. I no longer procrastinate, and I feel great about getting more done. This program has made a huge difference in my life.” George, Accountant

Management Success showed me the importance of taking self-responsibility and being proactive. I feel more confident in making decisions and overcoming challenges.” Val, Operations Manager

“Understanding our customers better and helping them find solutions is making sales more enjoyable. Thanks to Superior Selling Skills , we are closing more sales!” Min, Account Executive

“My biggest take-away from Managing Your Time was that we can’t get more time, but we can control how we spend it. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to use their time more effectively.” Pat, Engineer

“After Perform At Your Best , everyone in the office has a better attitude. Our teamwork has improved and we are getting more done. No one has to stay late anymore.” Lisa, Health Care

“I definitely recommend Strategic Leadership. I applied what I learned about motivating others and we have had an amazing improvement in results. Our team has won the quarterly achievement award for our region!” Kim, Sales Manager

“I am not exaggerating to say that this has been life-changing! I have learned so much from Personal Success and I recommend it to anyone wanting to balance their work, personal and family lives.” Gil, Education

Sales Success was great for developing our sales team. Our key take-aways were the necessity of goal setting, the importance of identifying client needs, and how to build better relationships.” Ed, Financial Services

If you are thinking big and want to develop and scale a professional training business and exclusive distributorship in your region, contact us now!


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