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No-H2O - Car Wash Franchise

Like Uber, but for car washing, "No-H2O On Demand" is a car wash that comes to you! No-H2O "Dry Cleaning For Cars" is the future of car washing ... wrapped up in a franchise.

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Territory Information

Tampa Bay, FL
Franchise Fee:
Total Investment:
$119,000 – $139,000
Liquid Capital:

The Car Wash Industry Hasn't Changed In 100 Years ... UNTIL NOW!

No-H2O is a "waterless" car wash that's redefining the entire industry, and the first to franchise an On Demand service model tapping into today's gig economy workforce and offering the ultimate high-tech consumer convenience. No-H2O "Dry Cleaning For Cars" is the future of car washing ... wrapped up in a franchise.

Car Example at the wash

This opportunity is limited to entrepreneurs who have at least $250,000 of available liquid capital.

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2007, No-H2O, the world's first franchised "waterless" car wash has arrived in America - where it's now redefining the entire industry, from coast to coast. Offering unmatched scalability in a traditionally brick and mortar business and an On Demand service model providing the ultimate high-tech consumer convenience, No-H2O "Dry Cleaning For Cars" is the future of car washing and detailing ... wrapped up in a franchise.

While the typical car wash wastes 35 gallons of water per car, No-H2O is completely waterless. Our product is unrivaled; involves no hoses, buckets, sponges, or mess; can be used indoors or outdoors; and can clean exteriors, interiors, windows, and all levels of dirt from light traffic film to heavy road grime. Our scratch-free, environmentally-friendly process emulsifies dirt particles which are then gently and safely absorbed, through electrostatic attraction, into a microfiber cloth, leaving an amazingly polished finish.

Our primary business model is comprised of static and pop-up kiosks on the parking lots of shopping malls, commercial buildings, airports, and parking garages. We've developed "preferred supplier" partnerships with high-profile parking lot networks with whom new franchisees receive multi-year agreements to set up our state-of-the-art outfits and obtain an immediate captive audience. Then, following each customer's first No-H2O experience, their scanning of a QR code leads them to something even more amazing...

Like Uber, but for car washing, "No-H2O On Demand" is a car wash that comes to you! We've revolutionized urban car care by offering time-starved consumers a convenience-based service driven through a mobile app. With no water needed to be delivered, accessed, or drained, we're able to offer the most convenient at-home car cleaning and detailing experience imaginable. The mobile app also generates a digital ecosystem of user data enabling cost-effective re-marketing through discount offers and monthly service subscriptions.

All franchisees receive complete, comprehensive training at our US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which encompasses cleaning processes, business management, staffing, customer care, business ethics, and On Demand administration. Headquarters also provides ongoing marketing support, and contract negotiating and planning assistance with all new locations; along with access to our suppliers, trading partners, and each new national corporate contract that's created as we develop across the 50 states.

Our franchisees are energetic, ambitious, early-adapting self-starters who are customer service-minded, have management experience, and, most importantly, a mindset to scale. They also have a clear understanding of the benefits of partnering directly with the manufacturer of the industry's absolute best product, and the long-term national brand recognition that being the "first to franchise" results in. If this sounds like you, and you have a net worth of $500,000 and liquidity of $250,000, contact us today for more information!

Spray example at the wash


19 October 2021
No-H2O on demand
No-H2O on demand
18 August 2021

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