Best.Energy Partner Transforms Energy Landscape for Dairy Factory in Honduras

18 October 2023

Lumen Energy Solutions have teamed up with a Diary Product Factory to reduce their energy bill and deliver quality solutions to lower consumption.
With the soaring electricity rates that have long burdened Central America, the client set out to investigate ways to reduce energy consumption and cut costs, and Lumen Energy had exactly the solution. 
With presence in South America, the Dairy Product Factory operates in 5 factories, with this factory being the oldest and strongest local company in Honduras. Lumen Energy recognised the clients’ needs and challenges and sought to tackle issues with energy distribution and fluctuations and establish a guideline of what their spend should look like. 
Following 5 Eniscope installations to monitor the machinery and a HVAC system specialist analysing the efficiency of the refrigeration compressors, the team made beneficial recommendations and delivered long-term value.
Top headline figures:
Even in the project’s relative infancy, Lumen allowed the client to see where opportunity exists using energy monitoring and analytics, and delivered great results:
•Started with a free trial – no upfront costs or bills
•Projected energy savings of $15,000 - £20,000 per month.
•Total energy visibility across site, all achieved remotely
Using a unique sales process and demonstrating the true power of energy efficiency, Lumen have forged a great relationship with the client, that will open doors of opportunity in the near future.

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