Kare Plus Exeter: Couple Dream Team Join the Kare Plus Network

20 March 2019

There aren’t many people fortunate enough to say they work alongside their significant other on a day-to-day basis, but that is the reality for Mindaugas Sviens & Raminta Navickaite who recently joined the network after opening Kare Plus Exeter.

Working together over the next few months, the couple will establish their business as a proven and reliable supplier of healthcare professionals in the Exeter area. Mindaugas and Raminta previously had no experience of the industry, but with the support of our head office team and a comprehensive week of training, they are both now ready to start their own Kare Plus story of success.

Before beginning that journey to success, both Mandaugus and Raminta had to decide what industry to join and if franchising was the right choice for them. Raminta, like many aspiring entrepreneurs who join the Kare Plus network, decided based on a personal passion for care:

“The instinct to help and care for others is  important to me. Mindaugas and I couldn’t help but notice how many people needed support. That natural altruism motivated us both to improve the quality of life for those who need it in the Exeter area.”

Like many people, neither Raminta nor Mandaugus had any experience in running their own business, which is why they considered franchising as the most practical choice:

“As two independent people and as a couple, we always aspired to own our business one day. We considered several options, but franchising just made the most sense as there’s so much ready-made support available.

“We chose Kare Plus because we believe it provides us with an excellent opportunity. The dual-service model and professional support team sold the brand to us.”

A passion for healthcare isn’t always enough, which is why Kare Plus provides each franchise with comprehensive training and a wide range of support options. From their initial training sessions at head office through to opening their business, the level of support provided by Kare Plus primed Raminta and Mindaugas for the ins and outs of running a franchise.

“The training was in depth with lots of information to digest, but it prepared us for what’s ahead. It also gave us both the chance to meet with the head office team and communicate with the individuals who will support us in the coming years.”

Each franchise has a regional support manager that provides one-to-one support and guidance throughout their franchising journey:

“We’ve relied on our regional support manager a lot so far; she’s been incredibly helpful and is always quick to respond to our queries.”

The level of marketing support impressed Raminta and Mindaugas before their business even opened. Each Kare Plus franchise has access to a marketing budget to spend on promotional materials and a Facebook advertising campaign in the run up to their business opening:

“The marketing team worked with us to create our own coming soon campaign, while they also ran a national recruitment campaign. This meant we had numerous applicants from the start, which was very beneficial.”

Like many people, the prospect of owning a business was only a dream for Raminta and Mindaugas, but now they’ve made the jump they want to encourage others to do the same:

“We would advise anyone considering a franchise opportunity to just go for it. Put in the work, don’t give up and one day you could own your own profitable and sustainable business.”

If you’re on the fence about starting a franchise business, why not talk to our franchising team today.

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