Introducing: The Kare Plus Platinum Business Group

20 March 2019

Kare Plus recognises that the success of our franchise network is down to the dedication of the franchises and their individual commitment to providing quality care within local communities. Kare Plus is truly proud of its franchise network and will always endeavor to recognise success. It is from this pride that the Platinum Business Group was born.

The Platinum Business Group is a collection of franchise owners who have all displayed a deep understanding of the Kare Plus business model through a consistent display of success. It is this success that sets them apart as an inspiration to fellow franchisees while also exhibiting the potential of the franchise model. The Platinum Business Group will work alongside Kare Plus management as we drive the network forward over the coming years.

Franchising is all about partnerships and working together to achieve success, which is why the Platinum Business Group will work alongside Kare Plus management to pilot the latest technological developments before they’re rolled out to the entire network. Working with franchise owners allows Kare Plus to develop projects from the ground up, building them around the needs of our network with support from those leading it at the front.

Director of Regulated Services & Franchising UK, Darren Guy played a crucial role in the development of the Platinum business Group:

“Each franchise owner within the Platinum Business Group has excelled in their time with Kare Plus, which is why we believe that the experience they possess is key in our continued drive to develop the Kare Plus brand, whilst also inspiring by example a new wave of leaders across the network.”

Franchise owner of the year Jo Boardman - and her business partner / husband, Andy Boardman - are both part of the founding group:

Myself and Andy are proud to be in the founding members of the Platinum Business Group. We hope to achieve a great number of things together, but for us it’s all about sharing ideas, best practices and new initiatives that will help develop the Kare Plus offering for both new and established businesses alike.

“I look forward to what’s coming with equal amounts of anticipation and enthusiasm.”

But what does the Platinum Business Group mean to you?

It’s simple, the Platinum Business Group will support you on your franchising journey by providing a proven template for what the Kare Plus franchise model can achieve while driving the network forward with your best interests at heart.

Who knows, you could be one of the outstanding members in the Platinum Business Group, leading the network through example a few years from now. The proven success of the franchise model - as exhibited by the Platinum Business Group - mixed with our commitment to providing excellent support and our uncompromising approach to providing quality care could be your key to success.

If you would like to find out more about Kare Plus, the Platinum Business Group and our proven healthcare franchise model then please contact our franchising team today.

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