Top five Kare Plus moments of 2016

23 December 2016

2016 was the biggest year in Kare Plus history, with significant growth in areas of recruitment, care provided, awards and accreditations, franchise support systems and much more.

With so much going on over the last 12 months, we’ve collated five of our best moments below. And the best thing is, there’s so much more to come in 2017…

1) Over 300% increase in recruitment – In November, our recruitment figures went through the roof. In comparison to January, our nurse recruitment was up 200% and carer recruitment was up by 335%. Of course, with an increase in staff comes an increase in care provided…

2) One million hours of care – Technically speaking, it’s actually 1.2 million hours of care…and we’re still waiting for December’s figures to come through in the New Year. This is almost double what we achieved as a network in 2015 and is thanks to the increase in recruitment, increase in home care registrations and new franchise owners that have joined us over the last 12 months.

3) Increase in franchise owners – Good news spreads fast and, as a result, even more franchise owners have joined the Kare Plus network in 2016. We currently have over 70 branches in the network and more are joining us every month!

4) 125% increase in home care registrations – In the last 12 months the amount of CQC and CSSIW home care registrations has more than doubled, meaning more franchises than ever can offer home care services to their local community – just one of the multiple service offerings Kare Plus franchise owners have access to.

5) First Annual Conference and Award Ceremony – Following phenomenal growth and achievements throughout the network over the past couple of years, we held our first ever Annual Conference and Award Ceremony in December. With 10 awards up for grabs for franchise owners, office staff and healthcare workers, the evening’s award ceremony celebrated the success of all franchises across the country.

Moving into the New Year, we are carrying the momentum forward with an increase in franchise support mechanisms, more events planned, increasing the services franchise owners can offer and, without doubt, increasing the number of franchise owners.

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