Great Savings for Happy Clients

14 March 2013

Simon Eggleton lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and three children. He worked for leading telecoms and IT companies, in commercially focused senior management roles. He wanted to set up his own venture and began to investigate the options of a stand-alone business or franchising.

Simon visited the British & International Franchise Exhibition in October 2010. He recalls: “I found it extremely useful and it gave me an excellent overview of what was available. When I conducted due diligence into my shortlist of franchises and stand-alone businesses, Auditel became my benchmark for comparison. In the final analysis, Auditel offered an opportunity to leverage my skills, and provided me with the flexibility to deliver the sort of returns I was aiming for. I also felt that the people I met had integrity and that I could work with them happily.”

Auditel’s comprehensive and informative training

Simon joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise in January 2011. He says: “The training was comprehensive, informative and was offered in a logical way. The presenters were knowledgeable and professional and it was a great opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues.”

Simon recalls: “Using a broad range of problem solving and people management skills , I had experience of successfully delivering programmes and projects, in tough and challenging environments. This work included an in-depth knowledge of how to work with organisations and identify opportunities for innovative solutions to reduce business overheads and improve profitability.”

Two of Simon’s many projects

These are two of many projects undertaken by Simon, which demonstrates his abilities. The first was with a £100m turnover manufacturing company in Buckinghamshire. Their internal procurement staff focussed on tightly managing their £60m cost of sales. Simon was engaged to re-negotiate terms for their fleet of over 100 mobile phones and consolidate them onto a single network. After carrying out a detailed review to benchmark costs and profile usage patterns, Simon tendered to several service providers. He negotiated terms to pull the fleet into one account and improve his client's customer service. This reduced their costs by 54%.

The second involves a professional services company in South Buckinghamshire with a staff of 60. Like the manufacturing company above, they considered themselves to have a keen eye on costs. However, when Simon was engaged in 2011, the renewal period for their gas supply had been missed. The renewal letters had been overlooked and the contract had rolled over for another year. This occurs for 70% of UK businesses. With Simon on board, there was no chance of this happening again. He gathered all the contractual and billing information, reviewed their historical invoices looking for errors and overcharges and, at the appropriate time, put the supply out to tender.

Once the client had signed, Simon dealt with the new supplier and all the ensuing paperwork. This freed up their internal resources to focus on their key business. The result was a 49% saving for the client, not to mention peace of mind! By outsourcing through Simon, they won't miss potentially expensive deadlines in the future. He went on to deliver a wide range of additional projects for this client, saving an average 30% in cost areas such as document management, communications, mobile phones, office cleaning, HR services and office supplies.

Outsourcing frees up cash and refocuses resources

Simon explains: “Evidence clearly shows that many organisations find outsourcing reduces costs and improves business performance - nothing new in that, organisations are used to outsourcing logistics, accounts, legal advice and creative marketing - to name just a few areas. However, by taking a more comprehensive approach to what is bought and how it is bought, businesses can free up cash and refocus resources to fund strategic priorities.”

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