"The training and support from Auditel has been absolutely outstanding"

11 December 2012

Lincolnshire-based Carl and Bev Windsor joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise in November 2008.

Before taking up a franchise, Carl’s experience had been in management roles. These were in the quarrying and coated roadstone industry and then in logistics within the electronic distribution industry. Bev had trained as a nurse and worked mostly in the health and social care sector.

Carl recalls: “We chose franchising as it is a tried and tested method of starting your own business with much less risk than going it alone.” Bev adds: “It was extremely comforting that the systems and procedures were there from the start. The quality, help and support of the organisation behind us made it a very attractive proposition. ‘A Business in a Box’, so to speak!”

Training and support:

Bev says: “The training and support from Auditel has been absolutely outstanding. Sales, Marketing and Client Acquisition were followed by Technical Training that had a similar level of intensity and thoroughness. The Head Office staff, the intranet, and the network all work together to give a rich and varied perspective on any challenges that you encounter.”


Carl and Bev reveal that there are many challenges to face in growing a new business, especially if it’s in a totally new discipline.  “It is a very steep learning curve but most things are easily overcome if you ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time, everything becomes clearer!”

Progress to date:

Bev enthuses: “We are getting excellent testimonials. One client said: “Auditel’s work has been invaluable in negotiating various issues we faced with our energy and water supplies. Their work on stationery, janitorial and telecoms has yielded good savings. What I like is their grasp of the detail and the prompt response to any issues or questions. This is not just a one-off cost saving exercise. They provide genuine, valuable management support to me and my team. ”  ”

Carl and Bev reveal: “The opportunities that have presented themselves are nothing short of astounding. The potential to develop and grow the business are limitless. We have big plans to market and grow our business to develop a multi-disciplined office of professional people. We intend to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the network for all the core disciplines that we cover.”

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