"Fantastic opportunity, great support!”

10 May 2013

Question: What do a BBC manager, dentist, magazine owner, medical sales distributor, City broker and chartered accountant have in common? 

Answer: They are among the new intake in the Auditel Cost Management Franchise, like many other management professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Miles and Nina Hosking live in Rickmansworth. Miles spent most of his career with the BBC in a number of senior roles. Nina had been managing her own business running a local magazine.

Asked why they chose Auditel, Miles said: “It’s recession proof and a great product. I was impressed when I looked into the services provided and it struck me, ‘why wouldn’t businesses want to buy it’? The other obvious reason is the team. It’s great. I liked their values. They’re very professional and they absolutely inspire confidence. This is a company that I want to be a part of.”

Nina adds: “It’s a fantastic opportunity with great support. We felt Auditel was a really good place to be. It plays to our strengths and experience.”

Both Miles and Nina enjoyed the training. Miles reports: “It’s been really good, very intense, loads of information, but all relevant. We have learnt a lot but we don’t feel that this is the end of the process. We know that there is going to be much on-going support as well, which is fantastic.”

Nina recalls: “I have been on many sales training courses but this was by far the best. It was pitched at the right level for the people involved, with a sufficiently flexible approach to cater for all the abilities  in the room. It will give us a really wonderful foundation for our first day of work – Monday!

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s Network Development Director, says: “Franchising is a superb opportunity for any management professional seeking a change in their career. It’s a huge industry with an annual turnover of £13.4 billion employing nearly 600,000 people. The latest survey indicates that 91% of franchisees are profitable.

“Auditel still have places in their network for newcomers to become highly-skilled and valued cost management consultants in the company of over 200 like-minded colleagues. We welcome visitors to our free Discovery Seminars. You can meet the Head Office Team, hear about franchising and ask as many questions as you like.”

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