Colourfence reports a 59% increase in online traffic

22 November 2017

Colourfence, the franchise that supplies weatherproof and low-maintenance fencing, has reported a 59 percent increase in visitors to its website. 101 percent of these come from coveted ‘organic searches’. But more importantly, explains Digital Marketing Manager Graham Bowers, these visits are leading to enquiries for the company’s 55 franchisees.

“Colourfence’s website ranks 1st on 55 key search terms on Google, Bing and Google Mobile, and it also holds 93 top 3 rankings and 134 top 10 rankings,” Graham says. “What’s even more impressive, though, is the increase in contact forms being completed on franchisees’ own pages which have increased by a staggering 530%!

“In short, this proves our marketing strategy is working extremely well, and the website is doing its job,” adds Graham. “Branding is strong and consistent, focusing on the core USPs of low-maintenance, weatherproof products with an ethical approach to sales and customer care. Technology has been embraced, the site is easily found and navigated, and encourages re-visits. Finally, it is delivering an uplift in enquiries and sales for Colourfence franchisees.”

Colourfence was a two-time finalist in this year’s Franchise Marketing Awards, receiving commendations in the Best Website and Best Overall Marketing Campaign categories. Now, says Managing Director, Mark Stewart-Woods, the company is investing even further in marketing support for its growing network of franchisees.

“We’ve recruited four dedicated marketing professionals this year alone, including managers Graham and Helen, to coordinate franchisees’ promotional activities. And that investment won’t stop until Colourfence becomes the household name it’s destined to be. Our type of weatherproof fence dominates the Australian marketplace, and has done so for decades. But the UK market is three times larger and, with more rain, high winds and rotting timber fences, it presents a phenomenal opportunity for us and any committed franchisees who wish to join us along the way.”

Colourfence is recruiting new franchisees nationwide, and encourages interested parties to attend a Discovery Day at its factory in Newport, South Wales. As a management franchise opportunity investors won’t be required to install the fences themselves, nor is any previous industry experience required.

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