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Online Recruitment Business And Application For Sale

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  • £125,000
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Business Description


• There are many different job boards working in the market at the moment – all on a similar theme but focused on different market places or different types of roles
• These sites usually use three criteria for matching a job to a person - job role, salary and location
• The employer then receives hundreds / thousands of responses which they have to look through
• The CV is limited to a written form
• The employer than has to make contact with the candidate, arrange a convenient time and organise the interview – taking up significant time
• When the candidate walks through the door, the employer often makes a decision based on looks alone – and has wasted time to get to this position

The Purpose of was to address some of these downfalls, in a new way.

• Astro uses 20 different criteria to match a candidate to the employer – based on work environment, etc – this means the employer sees fewer candidates but better qualified ones

• The candidates profiles are presented like a dating site, so the employer can quickly review and reject/accept the candidates they like

• Once an employer has shown interest in the candidate – the candidate is informed and then an interview is set-up on line

• The employer can also look at a video of the candidate before they see them – meaning they can reject/accept before they walk through the door – saving time

• The candidate can also provide feedback as to why they have rejected a role – this is then passed back to the employer

The technology

• is a well developed and robust application (it is not just a website)
• It uses cloud based technology, is secure and reliable
• There is automatic CV upload using parsing and we are developing a linkedin profile upload as well – to save time
• There is a related Facebook account already set-up

Business Status

• Since launching, we now have over 600 clients – increasing at about 10 per week now
• We have 3220 candidates registered – increasing at about 100 per week now
• We have google Ad, Total Jobs and Jobsite accounts all set-up – for reposting of roles to a wider audience
• At the moment the service is free. This is to build volume.
• Going forward you could charge for candidates to register (or clients).


• It is a great little business that is developing quickly

• With more time and focus – somebody could build on what has been achieved already and really take advantage of a niche in the market

• The main market is the smaller businesses - Hotels, Engineering Firms, Nursing, Dental Care, Hospitality.

• The asking price is £125,000 for everything – including mailing lists etc.

Please let me know if you would like more details or a brief conversation about

More information available upon request, please contact seller below for further details.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

There is huge potential. Interestingly the market is for smaller companies - less than 100 people. These are from a range of sectors, including:
- hospitality
- engineering
- care
- sales
- temporary work

Competition / Market:

The recruitment market is a £20bn industry with many online and in person companies. What AstroResourcing is trying to do is find the middle ground.

Try and do more than be just an online business and to automate some of the steps you would normally do when you are face to face. An example of this is to see video's of people before you see them.

Trading hours:

24 hours

Years established:
1+ year

Other Information

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Home based:
This business can be run from home.
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