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Headcase Barbers Master Franchise For Sale

United Kingdom
  • £570,000
£500K - £1M
Net Profit:
£250K - £500K

Business Description

Headcase Barbers was originally founded in 2000 and has been successfully franchising for the last six years during which time it has grown to be the largest network of shops within UK barbering and the only brand with Master Franchise licenses abroad in South Africa, The Netherlands and Ireland.
The British franchise network is currently operated by the original founders partnered with second round investors. With Master Franchises abroad, and to grow at optimal speed, the founders are looking for someone with the right fit and experience to be comfortable with taking on responsibility, recognising the unique opportunity this presents. The business opportunity on offer has existing income through the network of franchise units with very significant growth opportunity beyond current system turnover in excess of pushing £3m through expansion of the franchise network.

Specifically, the business is looking for a Master Franchisee to manage the established network of shops and to lead growth of the British network to its full potential. The time commitment for this does not have to be great and the master franchise could be managed on a part time basis with effective area management in place – which is affordable within current conditions. The central business will support with lead development and recruitment services to help as well as mentoring and consultancy to ensure maximum potential is secured from the opportunity for all parties.

The central brand will retain a vested interest in the success of the network through a master franchise relationship and, with the release from day to day management activities will reinvest with wider support, products and services to benefit customers, franchisees, the master franchisee and central brand as well as to help ensure rapid network development.

Your Master Franchisee will earn money through current and growing royalty income and new franchisee launches. Based on current experience we anticipate 12 to 18 new shops in 2018 with expectation of faster new growth as the brand awareness continues to build. The experience vested in this new business development will be retained to develop your business.

Further information available upon request, please contact seller below for more details.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

Very significant expansion potential with help from the central business. By the end of 2018 the map is for 45 shops adding 12-18 year on year.

Competition / Market:

Barbering is an essential community service and so other barber shops exist. But most are independents and Headcase has first mover advantage on scale.

Reasons for selling:

The current owners are the business founders together with second round investors. The original business owners are not leaving the brand but stepping back from daily operation of the UK network in order to better support the brand together with ancillary services and products to the advantage of all stakeholders in the business.

Franchise Terms

Franchise opportunity:

The business will operate as a Master Franchise.

Other Information

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